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Prudy Adams, Genesee County Commissioner

Barry Bittrick, Kent County Drain Commissioner

Brian Calley - State House of Representatives, 87th District

Christopher Cunnington - Genesee Commissioner, 3rd District

Philis DeSaele - Macomb County Commissioner, 10th District

Jay Duggan - State Representative, 107th District

Brian S. Ervin - State House of Representatives, 82nd District

Patrick Flynn - US House of Representatives, 8th District

Scott Harvey, State Senate, 28th District

Mike Hewitt, State House of Representatives, 89th District

Mark Jansen - State House of Representatives, 28th District

Bill Kelly - State House of Representatives, 49th District

Tim Kelly - State House of Representatives, 94th District

Eric J Klammer - US House of Representatives, 5th District

John Kopinski  -State Senate, 18th District

Dennis Lennox - Cheboygan County Commissioner, 4th District

Bob Longlois - State Senate, 27th District

John Manor - State House of Representatives, 56th District

Tom McMillin - State Board of Education

Chad Miles - US House of Representatives, 14th District

Christa Murphy - Oakland County Commissioner, 17th District

James Niemela - State House of Representatives, 110th District

Jeremy Nielson - State Senate,  9th District

Carl G. Oehling - Lt. Governor

David Robertson - State Representative, 51st District

David Schmidt - State Representative, 110th District

Howard Shepherd - State Senate, 25th District

Ed Smith - State Representative, 83rd District

Robert Van Bemmelen - Wayne State University Board Governors

Rich VanderKolk - State Representative, 89th District

Lanny Valentine - Genesee County Commissrioner, 9th District

Kathy Vosburg - Macomb County Commissioner, 25th District