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"Potential Presidential Candidate Grading Scale on Abortion"

who gets an A, and who gets an F

Although the field of candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination is far from set, several candidates are emerging that are both interested in running and have begun to put together a ground game in various key states.

Each of these candidates has an extensive paper trail on their views of abortion.  I have attempted to put together a rating system that reflects their comments.  I have also packaged what they've said and what has been written about them in their home states regarding the issue of abortion.  Each begins with a summary from the website  The articles listed under the links to their names and are chronologically ordered, from oldest to most recent.  Gov. Romney's comments are broken into his Senate race in Massachusetts, his contemplated race in Utah, his gubernatorial race in Massachusetts, and his most recent comments in light of a potential run for the presidency.

For those who disagree with my ratings, I encourage you to read through the comments by and about each candidate before finalizing your opinion.  If there are articles you believe should be added to the list, please feel free to email them to me at

I hope for this website to serve as a clearinghouse for where each potential presidential candidate stands on the pivotal issue of abortion.

From my reading of what each candidate has said and what has been written about their views, I would grade them as follows:

To see Senator Sam Brownback's articles, click here.
To see Governor Mike Huckabee's articles, click here.
To see Senator John McCain's articles, click here.
To see Governor Mitt Romney's articles, click here.
To see Mayor Rudy Giulliani's articles, click here.